Last time I posted I was still an intern but now I've finished my internship at House of Cool!!! It was one of the best experiences I've had this summer! I'm super grateful to be able to get the opportunity to work in the same environment shared by some super talented people there! Being there really opened my eyes to the storyboarding process and level of work professional feature board artists produce.

Thanks again House of Cool for having me as an intern! I really enjoyed the projects we did (and the pie and picnic heh). Check out their new tumblr!

Oh,... Hello?

After the internship, I had my hands busy with Anime Expo in L.A. and working at the 1PercentTalent x Morico pop up crate shop in Toronto. They're still open for another week and a half, go check it out if you like cool graphic tees and totes, vintage clothing and forest girl alternative jewelry and fashion. (The shop is located on the Dundas west bend, a bit of a walk from Spadina on the east side of Dundas after Bathurst)

here's what I've been busy with this week.
more Sailor Moon inspired zip pouches and 3DS cases
Red Pocket Dreams art show event poster
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