Fighting Evil by Moonlight...

...Storyboarding by daylight!

A very graphic Sailor Moon print! Inspired by old faded T-shirts, band posters and that crazy guy Kevin Dart! Somehow, Japanese text makes the image 10% way cooler...

[EDIT] And now, you can own this print on an American Apparel Tee shirt! 

A Finished Painting!?

I feel like I have art-ADHD or something!!!
 finishing paintings and rendering stuff is so hard for me these days... 
(sob this isn't even that polished looking!)

SKOTD: uncasual Fridays

Casual business attire people! An illustration for a friend's website/company in development. So glad that artists don't have to be as dressed up for work as that chika on the right. #casualfridayeveryday

SKOTD: Alex the Cat

lyrics from a Hot Chip song -Alley Cats

These are a couple of quick colour keys of storybeats/boards for my thesis possibly done during a break at my internship!

Other News: I'm going to TCAF on Saturday! I went to the drink 'n draw on Wednesday night, and saw the screening of Tekkonkinkreet and Q/A session with Creator Taiyo Matsumoto, Director Michael Arias, & Screenwriter Anthony Weintraub!

It was a wonderful night tonight! I'm so inspired to just draw everyone I see! Check out my Instagram on the side for more TCAF related doodles and photos this weekend, or just doodles and photos from whenever!

SKOTD: Beach Painting Study

Another 40 minute study from a Sargent painting during work. I need to practice faces again!

SKOTD: 1st week at HoC

On the first Friday of every month, HoC has Wine and Cheese Fridays! 
And last Thursday was dessert Thursdays hehe. They're fattening us up! (jks)
Working in Toronto is really fun, and there always some kind of event to go to after work. So many restaurants to try out too! 

I think I will continue my dailies but post them in a dump on weekends from now on : )
A sketch of Sid and Manny and his family!