SKOTD: Everything is better with a little bit of wine

Going to start my sketch-of-the-day thing again! 
Today is another cool cat. 
And him with a party hat, some wine and a hairball.

Coachella Fashion

loving this music festival look! 

Also... I'm back on tumblr again, but right now it's only my commission blog. 
Go here for commission info! go go go! Prices are cheap, but they'll go up later ; )
It would be a dream if I could make enough this summer to fund my Cintiq tablet goal!

Hello and Goodbye

Some pics from the school year that I forgot to post! Hello Summer!! Goodbye 3rd year!!! 
still can't believe it's over.. oh well, no regrets! 

Other News:
Fists of Finance got the top mark this year! And was voted 2nd best film! (first goes to the incredible Joster!). I'm glad it was well received (by the teachers haha)! The group wants to submit it to some festivals, but it will end up on the internet eventually. Can't wait to show you guys here what we've done.

Witchy Godmother

Designing characters from costumed life drawing is so much more fun and concrete feeling! More science witch? I dunno, she's kinda like the fairy god mother you never wanted. Super annoying laugh too.

Magical Science Witches

They solve mysteries with SCIENCE! ahha or just telekineses or something...

Summer Rain

3rd year group film is almost finished!!!! Here's a drawing for life drawing/character design. I think I'm over doing the whole no lines business with the polygonal lasso tool... But my attention span is getting shorter on sketches, that I can't commit to line-art.

Thought the head was cute, but the body is a disaster!

Party Animals

Characters from a film project, cute bunnies and foxes inspired by Morico! ahha Those girls make extremely cute stuff.

3rd year films are close to completion! In another week we are going to P A R T Y! like Animals!

Music Mondays: Grimes

Read an article about Grimes today, she's pretty impressive wanting to be her own producer. Music's good, music videos are so interesting, and most of all she's one super fashionable gal! I also like her process of holing herself up in a room or a cabin in the mountains by Vancouver to write her music in peace haha. Maybe I should go back to the city of my childhood soon. I really miss those mountains!

(and I miss graphic design/illustration... sob)