Dream On

Those song lyrics are stuck in my head!
listening to Time and Space by The Cinematic Orchestra

At the Edge of Control! Chef and Geisha lifedrawing

Costumed life drawing is getting so intense and interesting! Here are 2 out of the 4 characters for homework due this week. I'm trying to be on the "edge of control" again. Walking that thin line between Overworked and Messy.

Here are some of the drawings done in class with the costumed models, as well as some development and geisha faces drawn from photos found on google.

Experimental Life Drawing

10 minutes

10-15 minutes

2-5 minute gestures

A little bit of Warming up

Valentines day is coming up soon!
Here's a little warm up picture. I think there's something incredibly romantic when a couple moves into a new home and starts decorating it haaha,... I love browsing furniture and paints and funny decor!

And this one was just another warm up, just a mash up of things I like really. I might animate or colour  this one later...