Bring It On!!!

I've been super busy lately balancing portfolio stuff and group film stuff... no time for sleep! Here's a colour key from our group film -turned into a title card thingy : ) I'm hoping to finish compiling my work for internships by the end of this week, some of my stuff is up on my portfolio site.

Just click the button on the side bar if you're interested!

testing out Sketchbook Pro, I'm liking how strange/different the tools are!

Portfolio Season: There be Mermaids!

Just updating my demo reel and portfolio with more work! These are some designs for some mermaid/fish-people in a more simplistic approach. Maybe I'll make some screen prints with these designs.

I couldn't decide what to do with the middle girl, at first she was a starfish but now she looks like a pokemon... It's actually this weird fish!

Portfolio Season: redesigning old characters

 If you follow my work here, you'll find my posts last year when I first designed these characters for 2nd year projects. I've just finished them up a bit for the upcoming portfolios due this month. Studying a sort of calligraphic line treatment + flat colour/shapes.
Not too sure if I like coloured line or black lines for the boy. Black didn't look good, maybe it's because his design isn't pushed far enough...