Evil Queen

Channeling some mad Black Swan, Maleficent vibes here
In Other news: Animatic is finished yay!!! 

FILM: cut scenes, concepts, colours

There are ALOT of cut/extra material, here's a very small sample of all the stuff I've been doing and can't show... but now I can since it's not in the film! 

So glad the story stage is over with now! Gotta stay motivated! 
(*´ー`) it's just hard when you don't get immediate rewards. like money haha

Fighting Evil by Moonlight: Black Lady

Drew some more SailorMoon fanart! This is Black Lady, or mini-moon when she's possessed by evil.

SPINES: leica finished!

Just finished the first final draft of my film leica! Here's some partying cacti for the occasion.

And for the truly intense party-goers, a more seizurific gif.


maybe starting an outfit of the day series, wish I looked this cool in real life haha.

Happy to announce that Fists of Finance made it into the student film selections!

quick, colour things!

Started work on the 4th year film! Excited! It feels awesome to only be doing your own stuff all the time at school! If only I had no electives... one can never have enough huh.

I made a Tumblr!

Please check it out if you want to keep up with more of my stuff in the future! 

I want more blogs to follow! Show me ur tumblrs!
I'll be updating a queue of past work from this blog with alternating new posts like these guys here:
flaming bag le poop!
sweating dog gif

Shop Tending

Stuff I painted while tending 1%Talent x Morico's pop up shop for a few days about a month ago.

Animal Crossing

Beetle Hunting Guide for the forgetful.
Here's a handy Beetle Hunting Guide I whipped out because I can never remember the prices for resale LOL. I love this game, I love it so much!


Last time I posted I was still an intern but now I've finished my internship at House of Cool!!! It was one of the best experiences I've had this summer! I'm super grateful to be able to get the opportunity to work in the same environment shared by some super talented people there! Being there really opened my eyes to the storyboarding process and level of work professional feature board artists produce.

Thanks again House of Cool for having me as an intern! I really enjoyed the projects we did (and the pie and picnic heh). Check out their new tumblr!

Oh,... Hello?

After the internship, I had my hands busy with Anime Expo in L.A. and working at the 1PercentTalent x Morico pop up crate shop in Toronto. They're still open for another week and a half, go check it out if you like cool graphic tees and totes, vintage clothing and forest girl alternative jewelry and fashion. (The shop is located on the Dundas west bend, a bit of a walk from Spadina on the east side of Dundas after Bathurst)

here's what I've been busy with this week.
more Sailor Moon inspired zip pouches and 3DS cases
Red Pocket Dreams art show event poster
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Adventures in Screen Printing!

Sleepy Time white crop-top -onesize

Hey guys! This summer I've been taking a second internship at 1% Talent, it's a cool little store that does T-shirts! While I'm there, I also got to experiment with screen printing and t-shirt designing!  

If you follow my instagram (@jeandrawstrings) you'll see updates more frequently than my blog posts. These babies will be available this summer at the events I go to or send a message if you're interested while quantities last!

Raining Knives bkwrds tote bag
Fuwa Fuwa Time back print -oversize white tank top 
selling T-shirts for 1% Talent at a street fair
printing complimentary baggies for the t-shirts

Float like a butterfly

Sting like a bee!

Fanart for Fire Emblem Awakening, 
shifting my focus back to painting and composition for a little bit this summer