Merry X-mas! have a gift!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! 
Here, have a repeating wallpaper of assorted muscle-man-cats, in different hair styles holding cat nip.
A little gift from me to you! May we all survive the end of the world! ; D

Finished Action Analysis: "Theft"

The finished action analysis, and an early colour key of the second scene. Making this was a huge learning experience! The animation was done in toonboom harmony and coloured with a lasso tool in photoshop (not the ideal set up, but I wanted to experiment with sharp edges).
Happy Holidays! 

Vacation in 3 days!

BUT, I'M SO NOT READY!!!  here's a quick 1 hour paint, and yes I know Hollywood isn't by the beach -silly! (but I wish it was! makes for a nicer image ahah)

Eye to Eye short experimental animation

I originally had some bigger plans for this short, but I don't have time to execute it, so for now the short is just a teaser of what's to come! Here are some of the still frames from it, they were originally some other scenes that I was going to animate... and then didn't, due to immense self-doubt.

Here are some stills from the short film made one night in 6 hours for you online peeps. It's more like a reflection on my stress than an actual story. This will be screened at the 24 hour film screenings held on Friday after the movie screening! Anyone else with 24 hour films, hand em in to Charlie Richards! (his email is on the posters in the halls)

Bathing Girl, posable sculpture!

Had some free time this week, so instead of fast tracking the crazy amount of stuff due next week, I made this to keep my nerves in check haha. I call her, "bathing chick." Sorry if this isn't completely SFW, but hay this is an art blog, and nudity is A-OKAY for art-stuff right? haha... I'm so lame. She has no butt because I ran out of clay, but also because I like exploring the disappearance and reappearance of objects in space!

If she was an action figure, would you buy her? : D PLUS, she is posable, from waist down!