Life of Pi movie fanart

There is too much beauty in the universe. I really want to graduate and be able to show how beautiful the world is through film, animation and art. Life of Pi was incredible, you should all go watch it while it's out in theaters. I cried so much during the movie. The compositions were just amazing, and the story was very captivating. I couldn't decide which drawing I liked best, so here's 2 different colour combos + the character sketch.


  1. Such a great movie and so many amazing scenes! Always love it when they can give you so much eye candy yet immerse you in a story that's both emotional and thought provoking.

    I like the bottom one the most, seems like something that would be in the movie itself.

  2. I really loved the book! And that epilogue at the end really changes how you perceived what you just read. Didn't know there was a movie, I'll check it out!

  3. I like the middle =D
    I m debating whether or not to read it first.hmm