Abandoned Adventure Time Episode: Season Never!, Episode Unfinished!

So back in 2nd year, a couple friends and I made up our own episode of Adventure time, it went along the lines of "WHAT IF: Finn and Jake found a temple/place that connected parallel universes and they went on an adventure with Fionna and Cake!"

We abandoned our project due to our workload, but as I was cleaning my hard-drive today, I found these paintings I made. ahha These are pretty fun to look at, oh and the green girl with the crown is our "reality princess" who controls the universe... silly eh?

Please don't sue us... 
This was all made as fanart and for non-profit... 
well in fact it was never finished ahha!


  1. oh... my lord this thing lol, too bad we never finished it ahah

  2. oh man i was so looking forward to this... the cave is purtty awesome i could see the show using a layout like that. Do a 24hr fan anim, jean!

  3. Oh my god!!! I hope to see this finished someday! Pleeeeease!