LDs week 5-7

Some life drawings that were handed in recently. Trying to simplify structure in my drawings, and exploring a little bit of contour work (like in the costumed one). Some 5 minute, 1 minute and 10 minute drawings done in compressed charcoal. I think I have a bad habit of breaking people's backs ahha, evident in that torso study = . =

FISTS OF FINANCE -colourscript

A tentative colour script using some key boards of our 3rd year film! Hiiyaa!!! Wooochaaa!

Action Analysis Fun Pack!

Developmental work for the Action Analysis project this term! It's going to be killer! (I'll be lucky if I can pull this off exactly like I envision it!)

Kingdom Carousel Contribution

Got my copy of Kingdom Carousel in the mail! My piece for this charity art-book is around the middle :) I'm super happy and proud to be apart of this great project! The organizers were really nice and patient with all the entries and printing and shipping delays. Thankyou!!!
This is the book cover + the sleeve (left) and goodies with the book (right)

My painting "Moth Mother" around the middle of the book

*Sorry! My cell phone camera is really old and the colours didn't turn out true to life in these pics! 

EVENT: Brampton Arts Festival

I was at the Brampton Indie Arts Festival last weekend! Thanks to those who came by! and Thanks to the super friendly organizers for hosting the event! It was really fun and the music from the various bands were amazing!

These are my displays at the event! Feels so cool to have my work in frames ahha...

Heroes and Villians

Life drawing got merged with Character Design this year! Fun times! Wish I developed the characters/colours more before going to final though...

also didn't know if he wanted concepts or model sheet style characters... oh no.

3rd yr film concept

Another concept image (pretty close composition to the story board this time)
excited to see this film completed!

And some poses of the Sifu's design. He's based off a fortune cookie!