SKOTD: Endless Facination

tumblr is so distracting!!! And I follow mainly landscape photography blogs... Idon'tunderstand. endlessfacination.

here's a 30 minute study of a cool photo, but interpreted more painterly like? ahha. feel like it's missing a cool character or something hmmmmm. Like a person with a hot-pink raincoat or something. 

SKOTD foxy cats

Lunch time drawing... I should just draw cats everyday...

SKOTD: Star gazing

"My mum always tells me to aim higher than high, so at least I'll end up high?"

-I was playing with some photoshop brushes today, the default funny ones with the tilt viewers

SKOTD: Fashion Monstaaaaaah~

Who wants a monster caricature? -done with chalk pastel

LD: week 4

her face was so lovely and fair! 

a 10min pose
screwed up on that hand, but I like this 20min study

I'm faithfully updating with lifedrawing posts before I forget about em ahha. I'm still super rusty, gotta visit extra-life everyday like in first year again!

SKOTD 2 am camping trip

I miss summer. Just realized I never went camping this summer! shame on me :(

Week 3 life drawings

Ahhh so rusty at life drawing again! playing around with some chalk pastel and maybe colour? 
This is all from Week 3 class and extra life. I want to be good at the academic approach but also develop my own linear expressionistic.... style? Ahhh my head! too much contrasting techniques!


 An inspirational sketch/concept of the 3rd yr film I'm working on! 

Introducing: Chickpea

Chickpea is my yellow ukelele, that came in a startling lemon yellow instead of the golden rod one I ordered... I was going to draw Jake's face (from Adventure Time) with sharpie on the back but the colour's so wrong!

Now she's a rebel punk girl with cool hair inspired by a friend haha!

Making some zines and comics for Canzine!