SKOTD foxy lady goes shopping

Shoppin' downtown at Kenzington todayyy!~ yea fleamarkets! hurray for doodles!
not suggesting at all that I'm a foxy lad, or ... am I ... really a fox!

SKOTD mah boy Andy,

 A couple doodles of my buddy Andy : D 

He likes collecting toys. and thought spiderman was an occupation lol

Sketching in china will be interesting! I hope blogger isn't banned in China ahha.

On another note,
-It's official! I'll be attending Anime North, Anime Expo (L.A.) and Otakon (Baltimore), and maybe Fanexpo this summer selling some art prints! Mostly the stuff on my deviantart (digital paintings and the like...) not quite sure if I can make some nice.. cartoony pieces lol.

So just as a heads up. Expect some posts with fanart in the next couple months. Summer's the only time I get to draw anime really. And we all know (though we hate admitting it), anime's really fun to sketch LOL.