Life Drawings!

Some of my life drawings that I liked and could find in my house from the first semester of 2nd year : )
Brian took almost half of my portfolio so I don't have pictures of them to put...

I'm pretty proud of these even though there are very clearly some errors in each one ahha... but drawing them at the time was refreshing and I feel like I learned a lot this term!

eeek, i messed up the legs lol

a really fun 30 seconds!

trying some more experimental techniques

dat ass (30sec)

trying to get more structure and volume in my drawings

and some live horse drawings!


  1. Yeah, this is what I like to see! These are great.

    Who else at Sheridan should I be keeping track of? I love hearing about talents at other schools. Just thinking about the future, when our generation will be out there, makes me want to work even harder.

    Awesome work.

  2. ahahh thanks!!

    Check out all the names on the sidebar of this blog then! Most of them are from Sheridan, and some are close friends : D

    I want to see other student work from more schools in the US as well!