Gouache Paintings

Here are all of my traditional paintings from 1st and 2nd year so far!

Interior painting and thumbnails:

Exterior painting and thumbnails:

 Paintings from 1st year animation:

Contrasting paintings:

Master copy painting of a pan in Tekkonkinkreet:

Cloud paintings:
large copy


Still Life:

Interior painting:

Egg lighting study painting:

Analogous and Triadic colour schemes:

First yr, first painting assignment:


  1. Jean, your paintings are always soooo goooooooood

    stop iitttttt


  2. I am proud to say that I'm friends with a very talented and beautiful artist!
    I especially love that egg painting.

  3. I love all the paintings! its so awesomeeeee! keep it up! I love the contrast paintings the most! ;___;

  4. One day you're going to be a super famous artist and animator and I'm going to be like, I can't believe I'm friends with this girl <3
    Amazing paintings!! Fantastic as always!

  5. you've got great stuff! very cute design :)

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