Sketchbook 2

I'm Sorry -the glare really ruined the face!

Aliens Aliens!

Song Lyrics

I fucking hate wormholes!

WEMF 2k11
What I've been up to in my sketch book! Working with a bit of acrylics and craft paints. :)


  1. holy cow these are awesome pages you got there!! it will be so precious once you finish the whole thing! keep up the good work :D

  2. I love the song lyrics pic, it's so cute!

  3. so nicee
    your stuff looks more experimental lately.

  4. ahh thanks everyone!

    yea I'm trying to break out of a rut that I got myself in all last year :( I have to say that after meeting at lot of amazing people this summer (you included) has inspired me try my hand at a lot of different things XD

  5. these are realyl great jean! Love the sketchbook work! do more!