Extra-life sketch-bomb! [lots-o-photos]

I signed up for extra life drawing sessions during the summer at school, so here's some of the ones I liked. It's nice drawing without portfolio stress once in a while haha. These are all really chill once a week sessions.

Looking at these though, I really need to continue working on showing more structure in my figures, use less ridiculously curvy lines, and try to draw better torsos from the front view -if you look carefully, most of these are poses facing away from me HAHA. Also feet. I can't draw feet without making them look weird ahha. I do think I have improved a bit since school ended, which is a plus :D But my style certainly has changed a lot. In my last life drawing post, I drew with more angular lines in a really sharp fashion, now I think it grew a little softer I'm paying more attention to muscles.

Phew, so now that this massive art post is over, so how's your summer been? :)

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  1. woah.. so good......they have the feeling of the book force..