Life Drawings!

Some of my life drawings that I liked and could find in my house from the first semester of 2nd year : )
Brian took almost half of my portfolio so I don't have pictures of them to put...

I'm pretty proud of these even though there are very clearly some errors in each one ahha... but drawing them at the time was refreshing and I feel like I learned a lot this term!

eeek, i messed up the legs lol

a really fun 30 seconds!

trying some more experimental techniques

dat ass (30sec)

trying to get more structure and volume in my drawings

and some live horse drawings!

Gouache Paintings

Here are all of my traditional paintings from 1st and 2nd year so far!

Interior painting and thumbnails:

Exterior painting and thumbnails:

 Paintings from 1st year animation:

Contrasting paintings:

Master copy painting of a pan in Tekkonkinkreet:

Cloud paintings:
large copy


Still Life:

Interior painting:

Egg lighting study painting:

Analogous and Triadic colour schemes:

First yr, first painting assignment:

colour key + sketchbook 3

painted some mini colour keys in gouache paint, the final painting didn't turn out how I wanted it to, but these small keys were fun to do : )

Here are some more sketchbook pages

I finished my old book and bought a new one in landscape format. Tryin' it out, but I think I still like the portrait one better, this new one's too looooong.

Sketchbook 2

I'm Sorry -the glare really ruined the face!

Aliens Aliens!

Song Lyrics

I fucking hate wormholes!

WEMF 2k11
What I've been up to in my sketch book! Working with a bit of acrylics and craft paints. :)

Extra-life sketch-bomb! [lots-o-photos]

I signed up for extra life drawing sessions during the summer at school, so here's some of the ones I liked. It's nice drawing without portfolio stress once in a while haha. These are all really chill once a week sessions.

Looking at these though, I really need to continue working on showing more structure in my figures, use less ridiculously curvy lines, and try to draw better torsos from the front view -if you look carefully, most of these are poses facing away from me HAHA. Also feet. I can't draw feet without making them look weird ahha. I do think I have improved a bit since school ended, which is a plus :D But my style certainly has changed a lot. In my last life drawing post, I drew with more angular lines in a really sharp fashion, now I think it grew a little softer I'm paying more attention to muscles.

Phew, so now that this massive art post is over, so how's your summer been? :)