i just got my portfolio score thing back in the mail, and I got 3.97 out of 4!?!??!

the only things i messed up on were story board proportions and structure (both 3s) holy shit. yes D: my hard work paid off lol.


  1. Jean can win a game of Connect Four in only three moves.

  2. I got 3s for my structure and proportion on my storyboard too!
    I think they are just marking those down for everyone. =P
    You actually got perfect.

    Congratulations though, you really deserve it!

    If Jean has 3.97 out of 4 and you have a 3.97 out of 4, Jean has a higher mark than you.

  3. LMAO D: stop stop!! I am going to be humble.... 8D

    oh the lengths of which I had to go through for this portfolio (4 different art teachers, cram course of life drawing, getting H1N1 for a week, loosing 10 pounds, loosing social life for 6 months, emptying out my parents wallets for materials, missing out on Christmas dinner and winter break) BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! D:

    after portfolio day in March, I gained my 10 pounds back :(

  4. You definitely deserve it though, I don't think anyone is as hardcore as 4 diff art teachers and H1N1. D: I only worked on it for 2 months, which me lose more of my already nonexistent social life. Haha, and my parents got me to buy my own stuff and pay fees with my chinese new year money D:

    LOL, i'm sure if u posted a before portfolio and after portfolio picture, no one would see a difference in your skinniness.

  5. lol you knew abot this way before.